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DSTT Card for DS Lite / DS
Product N0.: P121127462
Price: $7.99
Name: DSTT
Condition: New
Return: Unconditional return
Availability: In Stock, Shipped out within 1 workday
Shipping: Free shipping, 100% tested before shipping
Product Description

DSTT Card (naked card)for Nintendo DS Lite / DS

DSTT card is a SLOT-1 flash card, has the same size as DS original card, very easy to use. Its performance is as good as R4DS.

Note: Currently all of DSTT cards are just naked cards, no packaging, no instruction paper. If you do not mind this, then go ahead.  we will ship the naked card in good  bbble film packaging,don't worry about anything.

What can you do

v       Wi-Fi

v       Play Nintendo DS / DS Lite

v       Play music

v       Read e-Book and view pictures

v       Watch movies

What is included?

v       1 x DSTT card

purchase suggestions

v       Relatively cheaper and stable quality.

v       If you have DS or DS Lite, it is enough to buy DSTT.

v       Need to buy Micro SD(TF) card separately.

v       CD is not included.

Key Features:

v       DS original cartridge size, Slot1 interface.

v       Plug 'n Play, easy to use, just Drag 'n Drop files from PC to TF card.

v       No FlashMe, built-in NoPass, and the GBA cards in slot2 can be started directly.

v       Supports CleanROM, No need to convert.

v       High speed SDHC. Supports any TF card speed with no lag in game,

v       Save directly to TF card, not to onboard chip, Never lose your saves.

v       Automatically detect and generate save type.

v       Supports Moonshell and homebrew. DLDI auto-patching.

v       Supports FAT/FAT32, works on any OS.

v       Supports Action Replay cheat and edit the code base.

v       Built-in energy-saving design.

v       User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation. Supports Skin DIY.

v       Supports the “Hot-Key” SOFT RESET.

v       Supports WiFi games, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser.

v       Supports Download play.

v       Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment (DS Lite only ).

Product Reviews
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Posted by Vian 07/20/2017
Hello! How long will it take to arrive in Tennessee with 2.00$ shipping?
Also, will Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 work work with the latest firmware (1.18)?
Reply:Yes, work fine
USPS will take 7-15 business days.
Posted by alex 06/03/2017
is this card compatible with DSi v1.4.5E?

Posted by nikitaluger 02/24/2017
can you guys ship DSTT/R4i or any of the products for sale in this site via APO?
Reply:Yes. We can ship to APO address, US.
Posted by Jimbambino 02/07/2017
My DSTT took almost an entire month to arrive, but my experience with it has been exceptional. With a hacked 3ds, you can launch your roms off of an app called TWloader, because the flashcart itself cannot be launched like a normal cart, and was never intended to because it lacks a boot image. In all honesty if you have a hacked 3ds, the dstt is the best bang for your buck, and gets the job done as good if not better than carts twice the price. However, if you dont have a hacked 3ds look elsewhere, because it will not launch.
Reply:DSTT just work on DS Lite and DS. But not on 3ds.
Posted by Thomas 02/04/2017
Received mine after some delay due to bad weather but it was worth the wait.
It works perfectly in my N3DS XL with a 128GB SD card. All DS games are now with me at all times!
Reply:Thanks for your information.
Have fun.
Total52  Page1/11    First  Previous  Next  Last    Turn to:

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