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R4i Save Dongle for Nintendo 3DS / DSi
Product N0.: P124382441
Price: $17.99
Name: R4iSaveDongle
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock, Shipped out within 2 workday
Return: Unconditional return
Shipping: Free shipping, 100% tested before shipping
Product Description


R4i Save Dongle for Nintendo 3DS (LL,XL) / DSi XLLL/ DSi / DS Lite / DS

Before using Save Dongle, you need to install the driver that is available at
User can share or download game savers from special area of and


What can you do

v       Wi-Fi

v       Play Nintendo 3DS / Dsi / DS / DS Lite

v       Play music

v       Read e-Book and view pictures

v       Watch DPG movies


What is included?

v       1 x R4i Save Dongle card.



v       Supports 3DS,NDSi,NDSL original game cart.

v       Backup game savers from 3DS/NDS/NDSI original game card to PC, to avoid game saver been accidentally overwrite.

v       Restore game savers backup from PC to 3DS/NDS/NDSI original game cart through USB.

v       Editing game savers(level, experience, money etc ...) becomes possible.

v       User friendly software interface to manage the save file.

v       Editing game savers (level, experience, money etc.) becomes possible.

v       Allow game savers to be share between users.

a. User can share or download game savers from official web site and forums.

b. Game savers sharing allow user jump to certain game level.


More about R4i Save Dongle:

Please visit:

Product Reviews
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Posted by Vidhya 09/07/2014
I bought the Save Dongle as a guest, and it said "Your payment has been submitted, 
we will immediately determine if your payment is received".
I still didn't get any email so has it been delivered? and will the transaction be completed?

Reply:Dear Vidhya,
We have received your payment and will ship out today.
Your another gmail should received our email notice, right? Because your registered email is a gmail address, not this.
Have a nice day.
Posted by Jonathan 09/04/2014
I bought an r4i save dongle and can't set it up I don't know how. The upload to pc and pc to game doesn't pop up. I don't know how this works. Help pls! 
Reply:Dear Jonathan,
What is your order number?
Posted by sean 09/03/2014
Hello i was wondering what the recommended micro sd gb amount is recommended if i am gonna use it to pokegen into black and white 
Reply:Dear Sean,
4gb is enough.
Posted by Richard 08/31/2014
I just ordered a r4i save dongle, and when my transaction was complete, I got this message "Your payment has been submitted, 
we will immediately determine if your payment is received".
I didn't receive an e-mail or anything to confirm this, so I am just writing to confirm that I ordered the product.
Thanks so much!!
Reply:Dear Richard,
Have received your money.
Thanks a lot.
Posted by Marleen 12/30/2012
Great service: processing the payment was extremely fast. The item was shipped on the 19th and it arrived on the 29th (Registered Air Mail) in the Netherlands. I thought this was pretty fast considering it was Christmas and all. The dongle arrived in a perfect state and it's working great so far! I had been looking for a 'non-fake' website that was selling this save dongle for days, so I'm really glad didn't let me down. Thank you! :D
Reply:Dear Marleen,
Thank you very much for support.
Have fun.
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