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P3Hub3 for Sony PS3
Product N0.: P123692612
Price: $3,222.99
Name: P3Hub3
Condition: New
Return: Unconditional return
Availability: In Stock, Shipped out within 1 workday
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Product Description


P3Hub3  for Sony PS3 (Fat&Slim) with a ps3 USB Hub

This P3 HUB / PS Hub is basically used as a normal USB hub, which does not contain any unauthorized program code. So it will not cause any legal problems to the sellers.

The P3HUB Break Modchip is currently the only Modchip on the market for the PS3 and it allows for instant game play of backed up games. Whether you choose to backup games onto your PS3 or onto an external hard drive, be sure they will work anytime and anywhere when using the one and only P3 Hub Modchip.


HOT Spots - PS3 Break team deliver a new product P3HUB

v         No need original PS3 BD booting-disc.

v         No Need unplug external hardisk

v         Simplify operation step, programmable USB hub.



v         Support common USB HUB function.

v         This device supports self-programmable feature through USB, users can easily upgrade the system according to their needs.

v         By uploading the latest firmware, users do not need to unplug external USB storage device during restarting the PS3 console.

v         For both slim and fat models, it will increase the life time of the external USB storage device and simplify the operation step.

v         With extra two more USB ports, users can connect more USB devices to their PS3 console

v         Break PS3 perfectly.

v         No need unplug external hardisk.

v         Avoid removing the external device trouble before the user starting up the console.

v         Simplify the complex steps to make the operation more humane.

v         Upgradeable hardware firmware.

v         PS3 Dongle and USB HUB perfect combination to support all of the external device plug and play.

v         P3 HUB multiple USB external device expansion.

v         Fully compatible USB1.1 and USB 2.0 devices.

v         Without driver, plug and play.

v         More reliable and stable performance.


More about PS3 Break Modchip

Please visit Official Website:


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