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EZ-Flash IV for Nintendo GBA
Product N0.: P139216726
Price: $41.99
New Price: $146.99
Name: EZ-Flash IV
Brand: EZ-Flash
Condition: New
Return: Unconditional return
Availability: in stock,will be shipped out within 1 workday
Shipping: Free shipping, 100% tested before shipping
Product Description


EZ-Flash IV – support Nintendo GBA

OUT OF STOCK!  EZ team will not produce it any more, you can change to choose EZ IV micro sd card version. Thanks.

EZ-Flash IV (EZ-IV) is the only one GBA size card support mini SD and runs both on GBA and DS console.



What is included ?

v       1 x EZ-Flash IV flash card.


What can you do

v       Play GBA games on GBA and DS.


Purchase suggestions

v       Need to use more software, Buy with caution if you are a beginner.

Key features

v       EZ-FLASH IV was built in 256Mb NORFLASH flash memory and 128Mb PRAM cache, support to run a single GBA games maximum up to 256Mb.

v       EZ-FLASH IV can expand the capacity by the flash memory. Support up to 2GB of mini SD, TF card, equal to 16384MB GBA games capacity, but we recommend it is better to use 1GB.

v       EZ-FLASH IV does not need driver, but need conversion software to save GBA ROM and patch files, software support XP, WIN7 (32-bit and 64-bit), green software, download and play.

v       A small part of games may not play or not be reset.

v       EZ-FLASH can not support clock, can not support real-time save.


More about EZ-FLASH IV

Please visit :


Product Reviews
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Posted by Titia 04/25/2016
· Peanut butter cups are my favorite candy, and The Homemade Pantry is such a great book. I gave it to my li&l8#217; sis for her birthday because she has decided to stay home with her baby boy and wanted to learn how to make staples rather than buy them. She loves it!
Reply:This mini sd card version is out of stock and market, you can choose EZ IV micro sd card version. The function is same.
Posted by Alex 06/15/2015
Are these back in stock, as of 6/15/15?
Most important question, will is hold saves for Pokemon games? This is mostly what I want it for

Reply:Dear Alex,
This mini version has stopped to produce.
Please choose micro sd card version (the black one).
Posted by Nilabh 02/24/2015
Does this product has the latest 1.75 kernel version applied to it? Now this is important, because if it is then we wouldn't need a mini SD card to run games from it. We could just use a standard SD card.
Reply:Dear Nilabh,
We have EZ IV micro sd card in stock now, you can buy it now.
Posted by Ravi 02/12/2015
Hi i buyed a ez-flash at your awesome site. But when i start it up it says : Find_ezflash_up.bin, updating
Someone was trying to fix it for me. And he could not fix it. Do you know what the problem is. And do you buy a Mini SD USB adapter they are impossible to find.
Reply:Dear Ravi,
Have contacted back you.
Posted by Josh 01/29/2015
If I purchase the card does it come with the USB connector to connect to computer? How to put games in .gba format onto the disk?
Reply:Dear Josh,
We can offer one usb reader to you for free. When you place an order please leave a memo.
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